Free Book on Music & CCM

David Cloud has produced an excellent resource on the Contemporary Christian Music genre. It contains vast amounts of research and first-hand information, detailing the severe spiritual deficiencies surrounding some of the biggest names in this industry. If you disagree with his initial declarations as to the dangers of this music, be sure to read the rest of the book because he convincingly connects all the dots. At the end of the book, you’ll find another invaluable resource: his answers to common questions that proponents of CCM posit.

From the author:

This book is a warning about the transformational power of Contemporary Christian Music to transport Bible-believing Baptists into the sphere of the end-time one-world “church.”

We don’t believe that good Christian music stopped being written when Fanny Crosby died or that rhythm is wrong or that drums and guitars are inherently evil. We believe, rather, that Contemporary Christian Music is a powerful bridge to a very dangerous spiritual and doctrinal world.

An honest evaluation of this book will change the way you see CCM and other so-called “Christian” genres of music.

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